Our Mission

Couch Film Collective elevates new voices in film by changing the types of stories told about underrepresented communities and by working to get members of these communities in front of and behind the camera at all levels of production.

We are an intersectional group that produces and supports equitable and inclusive projects that hire at least 51% self-identifying women/non-binary folx, 35% BIPoC, and are lgbt inclusive.

Couch Film Collective membership is free for Black, Indigenous, and film-focused creatives of color (use the code bipoc when registering). Couch Film Collective’s mission is to lift each other up, and make sure we all have a chance to tell our stories. Our work centers on creating visibility and opportunities for underrepresented communities. We recognize that part of how that is going to happen is by removing some of the many obstacles hindering Black, Indigenous, & film-focused creatives of color. We encourage agencies, production companies, and individuals to create better art by hiring truly diverse crews. Our voices are louder together, and we won’t be ignored any longer!

Our History

In 2015, an actress, a director/producer, and a VFX supervisor came together determined to confront the palpable gender disparity within the film industry.

Their revolutionary idea? Instead of wasting energy vilifying the lack luster status quo, what if we create a new paradigm of our own? What if we changed the rules of the game?

By combining our time, money, energy, stories, gear, expertise, network equity, and ingenuity the Collective seeks to reclaim power and create our own work on our own terms.

Our Board

Thank Yous

Without the generosity of dozens of sponsors and individual donors, Couch Film Collective would not exist. Some people we would especially like to thank:

People of Color's
Voices in Film

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