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We encourage you to look beyond your regular circle when hiring. More diverse environments are richer, more creative, and your content will be better and have a bigger audience because of it. Help create a path for underrepresented folx to have sustainable careers in film, and make better art.

Alyssa Roehrenbeck

Alyssa has produced independent features Seaside, documentary work for Cartoon Network, Misfits, The Force & The Fury, A Woman's Place and more.
Producer, Screenwriter, Actor

Aileen Sheedy

Writer and director across genres, from science-fiction thrillers to raunchy romantic comedies. Created a 40-episode award-winning multimedia web series, The Misselthwaite Archives.
Director, Screenwriter, Producer

Karina Ripper

Karina is a Director, Writer and Producer known for Clementine, The Child and the Dead, and Beware the Slenderman.
Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Vanessa Hopkins

Vanessa has spent her lifetime in the entertainment industry: From Avant Garde theater to Home Depot Commercials.
Actor, Director, Director of Photography

Jennifer Rashleigh

Graduate of Montana State University's Media and Theatre Arts program. She loves acting a screenwriting.

Micaela Works

I am a producer and post producer with over a decade of experience in the industry.

Lisa Webster

I am Lisa, the owner & executive producer of Steichen Studio here in Portland Oregon 🙂

Sophie Rose gass

I mostly do cinematograhy acting editing and would like to learn about other roles in the field
Assistant Camera, Actor, Editor

Marissa Merrill

Marissa is an actress and model known for End and Another Yeti: A Love Story.
Actor, Photographer/BTS

Anya Pearson

Anya Pearson is an award-winning writer, director, and actor.
Actor, Director, Screenwriter

Katie Daly

When not channeling a character in front of the camera or running a film set as a producer, she works for a global athletic apparel company developing high performance product.
Actor, Director, Producer

Annie Tonsiengsom

Annie is Executive Producer, Owner and co-founder of Actual Industries, an end-to-end video production company. She's loves concepting, producing, directing, and being a mom.
Producer, Director

stephanie hough

I’m an experimental filmmaker, educator & mentor. Currently serving as Vice President of the board with Women in Film-PDX and Equipment Manager with the Northwest Film Center.
Director, Assistant Director, Director of Photography

Hailey Backenstos

I am Hailey. I am a 22 year old Portland native, who has recently graduated from Clackamas Community college.
Grip, Production Assistant

Tricia Thomas

Writer and editor (journalism, fiction) with a background as a professional singer and voice teacher.
Editor, Screenwriter

Audrey Rose Goldfarb

With an endless calendar of fun/quirky events around the city, combined with my rotating cast of goofy friends, Audreality practically makes itself!
Producer, Director, Grip

Darcy Sharpe

Darcy Sharpe is a Costume Designer, Production Designer, Fabric Artist, Set Dresser, Art Director, and Event Producer.
Costume Designer, Production Designer, Set Decorator/Props

Myhraliza Aala

Creative and motivated artist who is driven to tell stories that empower women, in particular, women in the Asian Pacific Island community.
Actor, Casting Director, Screenwriter

Adolfo CantĂş-Villarreal

Co-founder of TZOM Films, an independent motion picture company, specializing in narrative films, documentaries, music videos, national TV ads.
Director, Director of Photography

Nevada Lacy

I love creating and collaborating in many ways but within the field of filmmaking my primary focuses are directing and editing while in music it is singing.
Composer, Editor, Director

Lilly Lion

Lilly is a passionate screenwriter, actor, and dancer. She currently works as a freelance Assistant Editor and has been a PA for local productions such as Portlandia.
Screenwriter, Actor, Editor

Abby Thompson

Writer/director, award winning filmmaker, PNW lover. Currently working on The Beast of Aberdeen - A musical short film,
Screenwriter, Director, Producer

Laura Ohlson

Laura is a Director, Producer, Writer and AD known for We Belong Here, Late Shift and more.
Assistant Director, Director, Screenwriter

Marie Biondolillo

Her work has appeared at Northwest Projections, Ladyfest, and on Portland's XRAY TV. Her original comedy pilot, Guess It Just Goes to Show, is currently a Cinestory quarterfinalist.
Screenwriter, Director, Editor

Sarah Whelden

Director of Photography with extensive experience shooting narrative, documentary, and commercial content. She wants to tell stories that give hope to someone who needs it.
Director of Photography

Roberta Cumbiancchera

Roberta is a native american filmmaker from Argentina, born and raised. She is fluent in Spanish and English, winner of the 2020s Willamette Writers' FilmLab as a Director.
Director, Producer, Production Assistant

Theora Moench

An actress, writer, and filmmaker and the founder of Couch Film Collective.
Actor, Screenwriter

Nicole Seeley

An actress, improvisor and sketch comedian with 65th Percentile and Thunderegg, and has been an extra on Portlandia and in numerous filmed comedy sketches.
Actor, Screenwriter

Krista Hershberger

I recently transplanted from the Midwest to pursue my love of the high-energy and passion of film production and my fascination with the craft of sharing powerful stories.
Producer, Production Designer, Production Assistant

Heather Hawksford

Heather is a director, photographer, and an award-winning documentary producer. She is also co-founder of Motherist, an artist residency program focused on art and motherhood.
Producer, Director, Photographer/BTS

Emma Josephson

An imaginative film screenwriter and director. I have a diverse background in the world of film and media, working both independently and with crews of people.
Director, Screenwriter, Assistant Camera

Inaya Graciana Yusuf

Inaya Graciana Yusuf is a Indonesian-American artist and filmmaker raised throughout Southeast Asia. She is based in Oregon and New York.
Director of Photography, Editor

Vivian Zelda Strong

My name is Vivian Zelda Strong, and I generally go by Zelda. I’m a non-binary trans woman, my pronouns are she/her, and I’m a screenwriter
Director, Screenwriter, Script Supervisor

Eve White

A professional makeup artist, FX artist and stylist for more than a decade, specializing in “green” beauty, using organic and clean, vegan, cruelty-free makeup and skincare.
Hair & Make Up Artist, Costume Designer, SFX Make Up Artist

Jess Carmen Young

Jess fosters opportunities for community connection and co-creation through the avenues of group performance, music videos, dance events, classes and workshops.
Director, Actor

Alissa Jessup

Writer, director, and actor whose credits include Shrill, The Mindy Project, True Blood, Grimm, The Mentalist, The Groundlings, Upright Citizen’s Brigade NYC and U.C.B. Los Angeles.
Actor, Director, Screenwriter

Brandy Machado

Brandy Machado is an independent filmmaker residing in Portland, OR.
Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Elisa Graybill

An award winning screenwriter and director, who has been a finalist in Film Lab, AAA Screenwriting Contest, Scriptapalooza, Writers On The Storm, Fresh Voices, Blue Cat and more.
Screenwriter, Producer, Director

Elizabeth Champion

Most recently she appeared in a lead role in the film short, Coffee, Sex, and Cigarettes, supporting roles in the film shorts Virus, 24 Corners, and Karen Doesn't Dream.
Actor, Production Assistant

Laurie Gabriel

Hired to write a feature screenplay for Leslie Bloom of Big Kid Films. Co-wrote, directed and produced four comedy web episodes that my partner and I are turning into a t.v. series.
Director, Screenwriter, Producer

Zoe Gieringer

Editor and Director with a BA from Loyola Marymount University and experience in non-fiction, narrative, and corporate work.
Editor, Director

Cambria Matlow

Cambria is a Los Angeles native with three award-winning documentaries — Woodsrider, No More Dope Parties, Burning in the Sun — under her belt. Editor and Director for hire.
Director, Editor, Screenwriter

Genevieve Sage

Acted in Los Angeles and New York, and the last 10 years in Portland, owner of an apparel styling business, and performer/writer for two Comedy Sketch Troupes.
Actor, Director, Screenwriter

Kelly Wilcox

I freelance as a Production Designer, HMU Artist, and Costume Designer. In addition to working with commercial clients, I enjoy working on narrative pieces and music videos.
Production Designer, Costume Designer, Hair & Make Up Artist

Margarita Zhitnikova

Margarita Zhitnikova is a nonbinary, Jewish actor and filmmaker based in NYC. Pronouns: they/them
Actor, Producer, Screenwriter

Dawn Brooks Macleod

Dawn Brooks Macleod is a Visual Effects Producer with over 20 years experience. She's also a talented Screenwriter and future Showrunner.
VFX, Screenwriter

Chelsea Lynn Unsbee

Freelance on various projects related to Desert Island Studios as well as commercial work with New Movie media. In addition, Chelsea is writing her first ever children's book!
Script Supervisor, Screenwriter, Producer

Augustina Elizabeth

Augustina Elizabeth is an actress known for Escaping Freedom, Bound to Happen, and the Fap Report.

Jen Elkington

Director and screenwriter whose Couch Film Collective film, The Secret Bonsai, won Best Fantasy Short Film at the Oregon Independent Film Festival.
Screenwriter, Director, Producer

Sierra Mustang

Producer, writer and storyboarder working on live action, animation and voice acting projects.
Producer, Screenwriter, Storyboard Artist

Eva Moss

Between the Lens, her production company, specializes in micro-documentaries for small businesses and non-profits. She has directed three narrative shorts, and a commercial.
Director, Editor, Producer

Court Ross

CFC's 2019 Script to Screen Grant winner. Writer/Director/Snacker that's still figuring it all out!
Director, Screenwriter

Sophia Miller

A West Coast native, Sophia loves to direct her own films, or work as a production assistant on others films. She is currently writing episodic screenplays and looking to network.
Director, Production Assistant, Screenwriter

Chelsea Unsbee

Chelsea is a location scout, producer, and screenwriter known for associate producing the feature film Winning (now in post-production).
Location Scout, Producer, Screenwriter

Genevieve Roudané

Genevieve Roudané is a queer filmmaker who has worked on diverse productions in Mexico and the United States.
Director, Screenwriter, Producer

Maribel De Leon

Maribel is the cofounder and producer of TZOM Films. She has produced numerous projects from feature documentaries, short films, commercials and narrative projects.

Jen Tate

Used to work at Sesame Street and now making a documentary about karaoke.
Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Rachel Mossey

Casting Director and Producer whose company, Weeble Mountain, specializes in casting real people and extras.
Casting Director, Producer

Kia Anne Geraths

Kia Anne Geraths is a west-coast based film director, cinematographer, and council member at NW Documentary in Portland, Oregon.
Director, Assistant Camera, Director of Photography

Erika Star

A staff writer at Afterellen.com, and contributing writer across the WWW, who recently completed the writing track at Second City Chicago.

Janie Faison

Background in Design/VFX, with a current passion for Art Dept and Producing.
Producer, Set Decorator/Props, VFX

Dawn Macleod

Dawn Macleod is a VFX producer, a screenwriter, director and producer for short films.
Director, VFX, Producer

Lindsay Trapnell

Writer/director/DP who gravitates towards documentaries, but also loves narrative filmmaking. Interested in diverse storytelling and elevating underrepresented voices.
Director, Director of Photography, Screenwriter

Kyla Yeoman

Former communications strategist at Mercy Corps, now making films for nonprofits. The intersection of food, farms, and climate is my jam.
Director, Editor, Producer

Fran Bittakis

FRAN BITTAKIS is Thai-American, born and raised in Chicago to immigrant parents and has lived in Portland since 2004.
Producer, Photographer/BTS, Location Scout

Elizabeth Schiffler

Elizabeth is an emerging performance studies scholar and film and performance artist.
Director, Screenwriter

Kamryn Fall

Kamryn is a filmmaker, director, and dancer. As a queer, black, fat woman, she hopes to continue to find ways to tell her story while helping other marginalized artists tell theirs.
Director, Editor, Producer

Kate Beacom

Kate Beacom is a screenwriter, producer, and director known for “All Men Must Die.” Her feature film “Rehab Cabin” will be completed in 2020.
Screenwriter, Producer, Director

Jake Hull

Composer for film, TV, VR, and theater whose style is as diverse as his background: orchestral arranging, ambient synths, folk, world, pop influences and new ways of creating sound.
Composer, Sound Designer

Matthew Miller

Portland based screenwriter/playwright who lives in SW Portland with my partner, Chris, our dog, Paca, and our cat, Mashed Potatoes.

David Brecha

I used to write software, but I walked away from corporate america and now I'm literally building my future.
Producer, Production Assistant, Script Supervisor

Sonya Davis

A writer, producer, and actor seen on Grimm and The Librarians and in commercials for Microsoft, Progresso Soup, Columbia, Nintendo, and many more.
Actor, Screenwriter, Producer

Rebeca Alamo Gonzalez

Rebeca is bold, caring, and quirky writer, script editor and indie film producer.
Producer, Production Assistant, Screenwriter

Amanda Richards

A six time Grammy-nominated songwriter and performer with over 15 years experience in the music industry.
Actor, Composer, Screenwriter

Sarah Baker

Art Director/wardrobe, prop and food stylist in Portland. Stills and motion media. Also run Boogie Buffet Productions, producing short art films, music videos and dance parties.
Producer, Set Decorator/Props, Costume Designer