Our Films

Since 2015, CFC has produced six short films through our Script to Screen grant. We also support our members’ independent filmmaking projects through fiscal-sponsorship, cast and crew acquisition, publicity and outreach, resource sharing and more.

Secret Bonsai

In a gritty, apocalyptic society that has been brought to its knees by hate and oppression, a courageous woman risks her life to retrieve a simple but precious gift for her children.
Screenwriter: Jen ElkingtonDirector: Jen Elkington


Be careful what you let in. Late on Halloween night, long after the other trick or treaters have gone to bed, a lost little girl appears on single mother Liz's doorstep, desperate to get in.
Screenwriter: Elisa GraybillDirector: Elisa GraybillProducer: Katie Daly

Red Jam

Answering a roommate ad on Craigslist can be a harrowing experience particularly in modern day Portland. There’s no guarantee who you’ll end up with...a saint, a serial killer or a slayer.
Director: Katie DalyProducer: Katie Daly
Redefining the