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    Now, during the past night and forenoon, the Pequod had gradually drifted into a sea, which, by its occasional patches of yellow brit, gave unusual tokens of the vicinity of Right Whales, a species of the Leviathan that but few supposed to be at this particular time lurking anywhere near. And though all hands commonly disdained the capture of those inferior creatures; and though the Pequod was not commissioned to cruise for them at all, and though she had passed numbers of them near the Crozetts without lowering a boat; yet now that a Sperm Whale had been brought alongside and beheaded, to the surprise of all, the announcement was made that a Right Whale should be captured that day, if opportunity offered. Nor was this long wanting. Tall spouts were seen to leeward; and two boats, Stubb's and Flask's, were detached in pursuit. Pulling further and further

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    I am passionate about narrative filmmaking--features, episodic and shorts--as well short-form videos--micro-documentaries, non-profit, music videos, book trailers--that really tell a unique story and make us feel connected to one another and to the important issues of our time. I am a director, producer, editor, screenwriter, shooter, distribution strategizer and photographer all in one.

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